World Famous Upstage Club

Wall Art Going Up for Auction

Saving the Upstage Club Wall Art from Demolition

The legendary Upstage Club on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park sat vacant from its closing in 1971 through 2018 when the  interior was schedule for demolition and renovation into apartments. This club featured jam sessions that included Southside Johnny and Little Steve Van Zandt. The club brought Bruce Springsteen together with his original E Street Band.

Just prior to its final days, the Ross family who owned the building invited a team from the Asbury Park Music Foundation in to remove the final pieces of wall art, including the classic pieces outside the restrooms. Days before this art was removed, Bruce Springsteen made a final visit to the Upstage Club to be interviewed for the documentary film, “Asbury Park: Riots, Redemption and Rock N’ Roll” released in May 2019. The story of the Upstage Club and images throughout its history are prominent in this film. 

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This wall art will be auctioned to the public over the course of 2019 & 2020 to raise funds for youth music education. The APMF collection being made available to the public consists of just 10 pieces that range in size and quality. Bid start and end dates will be posted on this page, sent to individuals who subscribe to bid updates and posted on social media. All submitted bids will be evaluated by the APMF Board based on the donation amount and the donor’s commitment to retain the art close to Asbury Park with periodic showing to the public. All factors will be considered collectively. The Board will also consider significant bids for all or multiple pieces of the collection at any time.

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Seeing, Experiencing and Bidding on the Art

Special events for the public to view the art will be held periodically. Interested bidders can schedule time to see the art through special arrangement accompanied by a $100 per person donation (covers the cost of pulling the art from storage and setting up for display). Serious bidders can e-mail for additional information.