Preserving the Wall Art of the Legendary Upstage Club

Background on Removal from Cookman Ave

The Wall Removal Story

In 2017, a team of volunteers spent several weekends cutting out pieces of the wall containing the artwork. The art is on walls made of plaster over horizontal wood lathing attached to thin vertical furring strips that was nailed into brick. The plaster can easily crack during removal and subsequent transportation so steps were taken to preserve the integrity of the pieces to the degree possible. The removal process often included securing thin paneling and wood braces over the art, then cutting out the pieces to remove the wall sections from the building.

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Following the removal, additional wood framing was added to the backing and construction glue was applied to the backs of the pieces to prevent further cracking. Clear, thick plexiglass was attached to the front to protect the art while also providing stability. All of this preserved the art in the best condition possible. Collectors can easily remove the plexiglass if they choose to do further restoration work or prefer to keep the art free of a front cover (plexiglass does have glare).

The Man piece is currently the only art piece without plexiglass. This piece is still covered by the plywood over bubble wrap used to remove the piece from the building.

All winning bids will be responsible for pick up and safe transportation from the APMF space on 621 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ.

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