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Donate Instruments and Equipment!

Since inception, the youth initiative program, Music Saved My Life, has provided funding and resources for subsidized lessons, instruments, performances and workshops with professional musicians and production education.

Our objective is simple:  Put instruments directly into the wanting hands of students who cannot otherwise afford them.  No instrument goes to waste!  Instruments that cannot be placed will be donated to an arts project program in the city or auctioned off in support of the program. Donations can be dropped off in Asbury Park.

You can also make a monetary donation which funds repairs and new instruments or organize an instrument donation drive.

We Need Video & Audio Equipment Too

Here are some additional needs we have to support the youth programs and events we run:

  • PA systems for performances
  • iPads to produce beats, mix audio and run our audio systems
  • Digital video cameras to capture performances and produce music videos

Donating is easy! Please read the FAQs below and complete the short form to make your donations.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Instruments Do We Accept?

While gently used instruments in playable condition are preferred, we accept instrument donations in any condition.  We can refurbish and/or repair most instruments to give them new life but there are associated costs.  Any subsidized donations to this end (strings, reeds, drum pads, etc.) along with your instrument will insure that your donation is placed quickly. We are also grateful for monetary donations to cover the costs of the needed repairs.  The faster we are able to service the instrument, the faster it gets into a student’s hands.

Due to a lack of storage space, we are currently not accepting upright pianos or organs.  We are open to accepting baby grand or grand pianos in good condition for possible auction items.  Please contact us at for more information.

Will My Donation Definitely Go To A Student In Need?

We have an ongoing, evolving wish list from the schools and music programs.  If an instrument is deemed unrepairable, it will be sent to an arts program in Asbury Park so rest assured your donation will be used and appreciated!

Do You Have A Dropoff Location And What Are The Days And Times?

We accept donations on Sundays between 4:00 and 6:00pm at Lakehouse Music Academy, 619 Lake Avenue, 2nd floor, Asbury Park. Please bring your reqistration form with your donation and ask to see Nick or Larry.  If you have any questions, please email Larry at

Do I Need To Bring Anything With My Donation?

Please bring your completed brief donation form which includes a deed of goods statement with you to save on time.

Will I Receive A Receipt For The Value Of My Donation?

We do not appraise or attach a monetary value to your donation.  If you would like this, you need to have your donation appraised before you come in.  Your donation is tax-deductible and we will provide you with a receipt as well as a thank you letter for your records.

What If I Have Multiple Instruments To Donate?

If you would like to make a large donation of multiple instruments, please call us at 732.775.8900 or send us an email to make arrangements.

Instrument Donation Form

Print this form to bring with you or click here to submit the online version in advance.

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I, the undersigned Donor, hereby donate and convey to Asbury Park Music Foundation, all rights, title, and interests that I possess in the donated item(s). I understand that the retention, distribution and/or sale of the donated items, or other considerations relating to their use or disposition, are at the discretion of Asbury Park Music Foundation in accordance with its access and use policies and standard collection practice.

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