Become a Music Saved My Life CHAMPION

APMF Champion

Together, we have an opportunity to brighten a young person’s future.

Commit to donating $100 a month to Asbury Park Music Foundation this year. For every 3 people who do this, we’ll be able to provide 1 year of music education to an under-resourced student.

Click the donate button and follow these directions to become a
Music Saved My LIfe CHAMPION today.

Champion your own team! Tell your family, friends and colleagues. Encourage them to join us, commit to a monthly donation and become a Music Saved My Life Champion.

  1. Click on $100 as the donation amount (or choose a different amount).
  2. Check the box that says “show my support” and make this a monthly donation.
  3. Complete your contact and payment information.
  4. Under “tell us what motivated this recent donation,” choose Music Saved My Life Champions.
  5. Under “tell us what inspired you to donate today,” add the name of the person who encouraged you to make your donation.
  6. Finish the form and click donate.

Yes, music can save lives. Your monthly donation will help get us there.

Our Music Saved My Life program offers holistic, professional music training to kids and teens so they can build confidence and develop healthy relationships as they play, write, record and promote music.

In collaboration with school and community partners, Asbury Park Music Foundation uplifts students who don’t have many resources for music education. We empower kids and teens to gain life skills, expertise and courage through music. This prepares them for employment, college and, if they choose, a career in the music industry.

For so many young people struggling with anxiety, depression and isolation, music is essential to their mental health. Learning to play an instrument, perform in a band and produce music can help them to find their people – their path – their hope for the future.

Thank you for becoming a Music Saved My Life champion.