"Music Saved My Life" Programs

Live-Changing Music Education

The Music Saved My Life youth music education programs are delivered as a partnership between Asbury Park Music Foundation and Lakehouse Music Academy. These programs provide relevant and engaging music programs that connect with the youth in the Asbury Park area, one the most challenged youth communities in the country.

Asbury Park’s music scene, downtown and boardwalk have experienced an economic turnaround in the past few years. Yet the City remains among the most challenged communities in the country, as most Asbury Park residents are low-income and left out of the City’s recent economic and cultural revival. Asbury Park schools struggle and are among the lowest-ranked in New Jersey.

To bridge this disparity, APMF partnered with Lakehouse Music Academy to establish Music Saved My Life youth education programs. MSML currently comprises one daily in-school music program, two afterschool programs, and individual scholarships to attend Lakehouse. In total, these four programs are engaging over 300 youths in academic year 2017-18. By 2022, APMF’s goal is that all Asbury Park youth will have opportunities to get a music education and that those with interest can progress to more advanced education.

Music Saved My Life Youth Programs include: