Music Saved My Life Programs

Live-Changing Music Education

The Music Saved My Life (MSML) youth music education programs are delivered as a partnership between Asbury Park Music Foundation and Lakehouse Music Academy. These programs provide relevant and engaging music programs that connect with the youth in the Asbury Park area, one the most challenged youth communities in the country.

Asbury Park’s music scene, downtown and boardwalk have experienced an economic turnaround in the past few years. Yet the City remains among the most challenged communities in the country.

Over the course of several years, APMF has thoughtfully and strategically built partnerships with LHMA, Asbury Park public, charter and parochial schools and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. In 2024 we are leveraging the success of these partnerships to expand APMF for the first time outside of Asbury Park. We are excited to bring our Music Saved My Life program to Red Bank in partnership with the Red Bank locations of LHMA and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County as well as Red Bank Charter School and Red Bank Primary School. This is a natural expansion of APMF with long-time collaborators that have nurtured a positive presence in both Asbury Park and Red Bank.

In our experience, music can bring hope to children living with poverty, trauma, and violence. Learning to play an instrument, write music, and perform in a band can be healing. APMF is passionate about sharing these experiences with under-resourced students from Asbury Park and now, with expansion, students from Red Bank. Our efforts unite communities through music and open doors for students with limited resources but unlimited potential.

To bridge this disparity, APMF partnered with Lakehouse Music Academy to establish Music Saved My Life youth education programs. MSML currently comprises one daily in-school music program, two afterschool programs, and individual scholarships to attend Lakehouse. In total, these four programs are engaging over 300 youths. APMF’s goal is that all Asbury Park youth will have opportunities to get a music education and that those with interest can progress to more advanced education.

Music Saved My Life Youth Programs include: